About me

Here's what I love about photography:
I get to tell the story of what life looks like for a family right now.

Right now can look like: a glowing mama & excited daddy anxiously waiting to meet their little one, or exhausted new parents snuggling a teeny tiny baby in their quiet home, or siblings running around a park while they giggle and play pretend.

For me, right now doesn't look like stiff, cheesy poses and fake plastered smiles. It looks like snuggling and playing and laughing really hard. It looks like families loving on each other and being exactly who they are.

Because that's a story worth telling.


We met in college...

Our mutual friends Kylla and Miki set us up originally, thinking we'd be perfect for each other. After our first date, we both decided we weren't interested! But several months later we happened to go on the same group camping trip, and saw each other in a new light. We fell in love. And we can't wait to spend the rest of our lives together.

All photography provided by Lear Miller.