Get a good overview of the whole process, from inquiry to image delivery.



Send me an email or give me a call to go over any questions you might have and to chat about what package will be the best fit for you. We can even grab coffee and go over things in person! Once you're ready, we'll pick a date on the calendar that works for everybody and I'll send over a contract & initial payment invoice to hold your date. We'll also discuss a location and any other questions you might have. You'll pay your remainder invoice just before the session and I'll see you there!


We'll meet at an agreed-upon location in the valley, or I'll come join you in your home to spend an hour or so together (I'll know when I feel great about how many images I've gotten and how everyone's doing). We'll chat and get to know each other throughout our time together, and if you have little ones we'll do a lot of running around, silly faces and even play some games. My goal is to allow you to be your real selves, so interaction & conversation are both key for me and my style.


Newborns: Please try to feed baby just before your session time so they start out sleepy and we can maximize our time together! Turn the temperature up a few degrees in your home so baby is as cozy & comfy as possible.

Post-Processing & IMage Delivery

I'll head home and spend time going through each image that I captured during our time together. I'll delete any "bad" ones, like a client halfway through a blink or a sentence, and keep any that meet my own standards. Once I've sorted, then I edit! I don't do any major changes, like swapping heads or slimming body parts or erasing tattoos, but if there's something that isn't normally part of "who you are", like a noticeable blemish, I'll do little touch-ups here and there. I have no interest in making you look like someone you're not :).

Once all the photos are done, I upload them to an online gallery so you can share them with friends & family if you wish. You get a link to instantly download the full sized, high resolution files to your computer and I make sure you know what your options are for professional printing. Voila!

Have a question about the process that we didn't cover here?