It’s an honor and a joy to capture a growing family, and something I don’t take lightly. Having relationship with my clients is really important to me. I want to actually know the families I photograph so that I’m able to capture the “real” them – who they are and what life is truly like for them in this never-again-the-same moment. I’m not into unnatural poses, studio lights or costumes.

For me, this is about capturing the beautiful, fragile, blissful, exhausting season of "right now" for families.

Journalism captures and shares the real, unaltered story of something that just happened or something that is happening right now, in real time. That's what I'm passionate about - the "right now" of your life is never going to be the same. You will never be growing this precious baby again. Tomorrow your newborn will already be different than she is today. In the blink of an eye your toddler will no longer have that tooth missing or that wild hair or that unstoppable drool on his chin. Your beautiful and sometimes sassy teenager is only going to graduate from high school this one time. And isn't that what you want to remember? When you look back, won't you want to see the authentic joy and beauty and sweetness of your family that came about through hard work and sleepless nights and endless grace that ultimately gave your life such deep meaning and purpose?

That's what I want for you.
That's what fills my heart and makes me come alive.

So if you want big props and a studio set-up, poses with your arms in perfect positions so it looks "just right", or photoshopped flyaways and swapped heads, there are fantastic photographers out there who do just that. And I wish for you the best and most beautiful photos that will be just right for your family. But if you want snuggles and laughter and running around a park, hair blowing in the wind and dirt on your little one's nose, silliness and the deep contentedness of a safe family around you - choose me.

We're gonna be great together.