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Kirby S. 6 Months

Kirby S. 6 Months

I can’t believe how much little Mister Kirby has grown in six months! These Watch Me Grow sessions are just so stinkin’ fun. I had the sweetest time getting to know Nikki and Trevor when Kirby was teeny tiny and brand new and it was so good to see them again. Kirby has grown into such a happy, smiley, wiggly baby! We met at a local park and had a lot of fun letting Kirby play with his favorites toys and show off his “sitting up” skills (oh my gosh that made him so happy). It was really sweet to see how much Trevor and Nikki can make their little man laugh and how much he loves to snuggle and play with them. They are the cutest little family! I can’t wait to see who happy, playful little Kirby grows up to be in another 6 months. Check out Kirby’s newborn session here!


Emery K. Turns One!

Emery K. Turns One!

Somehow it has already been one whole year since little miss Emery dazzled us all with her perfect long lashes and the sweetest newborn session ever! This has been such a fun experience for me and has quickly become my new favorite thing about this business. Getting to capture the big milestones during a baby’s first year, watching them grow and change and flourish, is something I feel honored to be part of. Doing this alongside mama Tiffany, who was a big part of my photography journey, made it that much more special! Emery continues to be just the sweetest little love – curious and busy and such a happy girl, wanting to walk everywhere and explore any little thing she comes across. Her stunning blue eyes and dark, wispy little curls that are just starting to show up draw you to her beautiful face right away, and her adorable personality takes over from there! It’s so sweet to watch her mom and dad absolutely delight in her and know what makes her laugh and smile. This little girl is so loved, and I’m so thankful I’ve gotten to be part of her first year of life! Thank you, Tiffany and Rob! xoxo

Be sure to check out the rest of Emery’s “Watch Me Grow” year!

Emery K. Newborn  |  Emery K. 6 Months


Brooklyn F. Newborn

I don’t even know how to write this blog post without crying! Lisa and I have been friends for approximately a million years. Or I guess more like 15, but it feels about the same. Her friendship has been one of my most steadfast and sacred through all of these year – from youth group trips, prom nights, endless notes passed between classes, inside jokes that I can still remember, and driving me to school so I didn’t have to ride the bus to staying close through college years, standing beside each other on wedding days, losing people we loved, late night house projects, endless hours of card games, traditional double dates at BJs and trips across the country (all with our husbands, who love each other)… it’s safe to say our friendship has stood the test of time (and teenage years). And now here I am, standing in a hospital room and meeting her baby girl just hours after she was born. I think my heart might explode! Life is crazy, you guys. I love this little one and her parents so, so much. I’m so thankful for them and I can’t wait to see what adventures make our friendship list over these next 15 years! Welcome to the world, tiny, precious Miss Brooklyn!


Emery K. 6 Months

This sweet little lamb. Oh! She is just so delightful. Emery’s newborn session was my faaaavorite. She was so tiny, so precious and so beautiful. Those LONG lashes – to die for! And she just slept like an angel the whole time while I took millions of pictures of her in her dreamy little nursery. I was so excited to come back 6 months later to see how much she had grown and get a glimpse of her personality. She is such a happy girl! She smiles with her whole face, which is really contagious. She has piercing blue eyes that are so captivating. Tiffany, Rob and I had so much fun with her at their beautiful home together! The Grow With Me package is the best thing I could have added to my business. It’s just incredibly fun to walk alongside a family for a year and capture these important milestones with them. I love it! I can’t wait to see what little Miss Emery is like when she’s a whole year old. If she’s half as happy and bright and delightful then as she is now, she’ll be making our world a more joyful place!


Gabriel V. Turns One!

It has been SO fun to watch tiny Mister Gabriel grow over this past year! I got to do a Watch Me Grow package with him, and it’s my new favorite thing to do with growing families. I can’t believe how big he has gotten! It was so sweet to think about how tiny he was when he was a newborn baby, being cuddled by an enamored new mama and dad… and to now be chasing him around while he crawled all over the place, throwing a ball and pulling himself up to stand. Love those big brown eyes and sweet little curls. He’ll be running around the neighborhood so soon, I’m sure! Thank you, Heidi & Sam, for letting me capture your growing family. What a sweet privilege!

Emery K. Newborn

Well, if you just glance at one of these photos you’ll come to the same conclusion that I did – Rob and Tiffany seem to have brought the most perfect, beautiful newborn baby girl that has ever been born into this world. Just look at her! That gorgeous skin, to-die-for eyelashes, long, full head of silky hair… and she didn’t make a PEEP the whole time I was there. She pretty much just slept like an absolute angel and let me take millions of pictures of her darling little face. What a sweet morning I got to spend with this new family! Their beautiful home mixed with a sleepy, cloudy day gave us such wonderful light to work with. You may remember seeing Tiffany’s gorgeous maternity session up earlier this year. Tiffany used to be part of the Cora Kingston team! She was our studio manager, and it’s been so fun to be part of this new chapter in her life. Little Miss Emery… you are so precious. I can’t wait to see how much you grow by the time I see you next. You’ll be six months old!

Keep checking back to follow along with Emery’s first year! Watch Me Grow sessions are just my favorite :). You’ll get to see Emery at 6 months and one year old here, too!