Photos by the amazing Pinkerton Photo


I love a really good latte, especially from a cute local coffee shop.

You can find me watching or reading Harry Potter at almost any given time. 

I'm real crazy about my deeply kind & handsome husband, Chad.

We love our 2 Vizsla pups, Piper & Remi, and we love to travel together.

Sometimes travel means a camping trip in the woods, and sometimes it means flying thousands of miles across the world.

My favorite food is chocolate chip cookies.

I'd almost always rather be outside than in.

My sister is my best friend, and our family's cottage on a lake in Canada is my favorite place on earth (it would be yours, too). 

I'm about to be a boymama, and I can't even believe it!

I believe in joy and purpose and a loving God who writes beautiful stories full of hope. I believe that every human on this planet has a story worth telling. And that's why I do what I do.